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Blacks, Mirroring Larger U.S. Trend, 'Come Out' As Nonbelievers


It should be okay to be black and atheist.

obey: Our Father's Not in Heaven: The New Black Atheism


Several years ago, I pitched a freelance piece about black atheism to a prominent magazine geared toward African-Americans. The pitch was denied, but not for any real reason. “That one might be a bit, uh, hard,” is all my editor said. I’d later come to find out that he was merely sheltering me…

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Undateable Black Atheist


Please watch the above video (that’s a link up there) first, then return to this blog post.

In the video, a black woman (her name is Jil) in a black sitcom that I do not watch introduces her black boyfriend to her black father and black family. This sounds pretty fucking normal, except that he is an atheist and her father is a deeply religious man and member of a deeply religious family. At dinner, they decide that his apparent atheism is too much and, since the connotations of the word “question” don’t seem to fit at all, they decide to interrogate him over it.

Yeah, interrogate, as if he’d really done something wrong. Like, they just can’t deal with the stress of him being an atheist. He raises up some stock atheist arguments that you’ve heard already probably, towards which they argue back.

Well, all’s well that ends well right? Wrong. Jil and her boyfriend break up, not just because he’s an atheist, but also because he lied about it, which is a little understandable because ‘coming out’ as a black atheist can be social suicide as the show has shown us.

But that’s not all: after they break up, the father is shown to be utterly relieved at her decision.

It’s difficult to tell whether or not the writers were on the family’s side or the boyfriend’s. Maybe there was an atheist on the writing team and the final result was the reaching of a compromise. Maybe it was just commentary on the state of black atheists within their own community. Whatever the case, it hits hard, and it’s entirely true. The family’s reaction was realistic. The father’s reaction was realistic. The boyfriend was pretty realistic. It should be praised for accurately portraying this aspect of the black community.

It’s just really hard to tell if the writers were condoning black atheism or condemning it.

No Change in Leadership for CFI

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National Atheist Party: How the Name Kills our Aim (part 1)


A stereotype we shall not overcome

by Andrea Quinn / @AtheistOnWheels


What’s in a name like the National Atheist Party? Other than the obvious implication of nontheistic sentiment not a lot, perhaps – unless you count the fact that there are millions of “nones” (not associated…

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National Atheist Party: Thank you, Alton Lemon


by Bridgett Crutchfield / @briabria

His mind was ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease, but Alton Lemon’s death will not overshadow his fight against religion which instituted the ‘Lemon Test.’


Alton Lemon, a civil rights activist, was a relative unknown by many in the new Atheist…

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National Atheist Party: Weekly Overdose


Wait – What just happened? A roundup of the week in news, June 9, 2013

By Erin Fortes / @elfortes


Oh Swiffer…
Rosie the Riveter. A cultural icon who represented the women in the United States who tirelessly worked in factories during World War II while their men were fighting…

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National Atheist Party: Gifted Black...Felon?


by Bridgett Crutchfield


For 16-year old Florida native Kiera Wilmot, the past thirty days began and concluded with a bang. Kiera, a student at Bartow High School made national headlines. Fantastic? Not exactly.

An honors student and cello player, Kiera has always been fascinated with…

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Straight female high-school student in small Texas town stands up to school principal in support of LGBT rights!

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